Miss Gilvray’s final blog xx

Wow! Where do I even begin! Feeling totally overwhelmed with all of the love and support! ¬†The last day of school before easter was the end of a three and a half year adventure which I will always treasure. Thank you Flitch Green you are an amazing bunch of children, staff and parents ūüíö. I was blown away with the amount of cards, hand written notes and presents I received. Thank you so much!

My class button frame has take pride of place on my desk at home something I will treasure foreverūüíö.17499565_10158464082120243_8253823987642970882_n

Well what a brilliant last week we had together celebrating our learning with an afternoon tea party. The children had so much fun using their food tech skills preparing and making the food. Its fair to say the food went down well!

Thank you to all the parents who attended parents evening. It was great to share with you all the successes we have been having and how far we have come in year one.

On my last day in the leaving assembly the children had me in tears and laughter with a costa video they had made for me! They definitely know me too well! We had the easter bunny visit! We then had some child initiated time hunting for the easter bunny! Of course we had a party! We said goodbye to Rihanna! We all wish Rihanna and her family the best for their move and the future. Have a lovely time at your new school!

To say our goodbyes we all agreed we needed to dance and sing out to ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ as they said thats what I do best! Of course the children have been superstars so I decided they needed star glasses!

Finally I have been extremely lucky and honoured to teach an amazing bunch of children. It is astonishing¬†what¬†they have all achieved! I am very proud of every single child in Mercury who have shown they can work extremely hard, all while smiling and having fun, what learning is all about. “Their future is so bright they need shades to see!” Thank you to all you parents for your support this year. As I have said to the children it’s never a goodbye it’s a see you later as I’m sure I will bump into you all at some point in the future.

Lots of love and best wishes,

Miss Gilvray xx


Show time

This weeks blog post is dedicated to Mercury‚Äôs amazing class assembly. Thank you so much to everyone who came to watch. ¬†Thank you for all your support. As their class teacher I am bursting with¬†pride, I am so proud¬†of them all for being such confident characters dancing¬†and saying their lines so confidently. They have worked really hard perfecting their assembly. In the childrens words ‚ÄėOur best assembly ever!‚Äô. The children¬†have all really enjoyed this experience. It¬†would be lovely to hear parents thoughts on our assembly so please post a comment and we will share these in class.

Here is the link to the actual class assembly…


The video at the start and end of the assembly…


Here are a few pictures from this week…

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Gilvray xx


Science day fun!

Wow what an amazing day on Thursday as we had a whole day dedicated to science! First we watched Miss Gilvray carry out an experiment involving diet coke and Mrs Potts magic tablets. We had to make predictions about what we thought was going to happen.  We loved watching it happen! We filmed this and wrote/ voice recorded the stages of the experiment and what the conclusion was. After this Mrs Potts left us another mission to help Chip out as he kept dropping the eggs for our cakes. We had to investigate which material kept the egg safe so it did not break. We had lots of fun! We even named our eggs. We were superstars writing up our investigations using scientific language. The beast survived in rice! Sadly the same could not be said for the egg named Miss Gilvray! More of this experiment will star in our class assembly.

A big thank you to Poppy S and Maggie for helping stick in everyones lines for our class assembly!



Mercury arrived!

This weeks highlight has to be the dance festival!

Wow Mercury blew everyone away with their storm dance! We are so proud of them all! This dance was linked to our last experience. The children loved performing! We hope you enjoy watching it!

In literacy this week we have been looking at how stories are structured using our hands to help us remember the five parts. These parts are the opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending. To end the week we pulled apart the story of Beauty and the Beast and put this on a story mountain. Next week we will be writing our own version of Beauty and the Beast.

In maths we have been perfecting arrays and we have been tackling word problems at greater depth.

In our experience lessons we have explored the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and have created portraits using printing skills for Mrs Potts. We love fruit and vegetables faces!

We also enjoyed Ivy’s learning log homework this week! The cake was very yummy!

Finally we¬†are looking forward to our¬†next three weeks together with our science day, class assembly, afternoon tea and lots more surprises…

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Gilvray xx



A class full of characters!

Well this weeks best part was world book day! We loved celebrating by dressing up as our favourite book characters. We had an amazing day with Professor McGonagall leading potion class after a letter from the beast (The Professor did look a lot like Miss Gilvray). Sadly we can’t tell you anymore as this will be included in our class assembly!

In Literacy this week we have been considering each characters emotions as we read a different version of Beauty and the Beast written by Michael Morpurgo. We have then predicted the next part of the story on storyboards! Finally to end the week we reviewed this book using the conjunction because to justify our reasons of what we liked and disliked about the story.

In maths this week we have explored multiplication by grouping to help Mrs Potts we did this using plates and sugar cubes! By the end of the week we moved onto arrays!

In our experience lessons we have been learning to import videos onto iMovie and use this app. We had lots of fun and taught the beast how to dance!

Miss Gilvray teated us to pancake races in PE on Tuesday to celebrate Shove Tuesday after we practised our ball skills!

Finally we had lots of fun food tasting Ava Bea’s favourite food scones! This is one of our learning log tasks! As you can see from our faces we loved them! Ava Bea was¬†so confident sharing how she made them with her mummy. Next week Ivy will be treating us to something tasty!


Be Our Guest!

Well this week saw us launch into our new experience! On Monday afternoon we quickly popped out the classroom as there had been reports of strange noises around the school. When we returned we walked into a crime screen. After discovering what our new experience was earlier on in the day, we believe the beast is behind this. Mrs Bott came into the classroom after being in the office and we were soon interviewing her to see if she had seen anything.

In our literacy lessons we have been using adjectives and similes to describe the beast. Later on in the week Belle went missing! Mercury saw CCTV of her last known movements and have been on the cause using conjunctions to recount this incident and explain what we think has happened.photo-9

In maths we have been helping the police with their investigations into this incident! We have been measuring potential foot and handprints!

Elsewhere we have been exploring our senses ready for the end of our experience,¬†when our mummy’s and daddy’s will be¬†coming in for afternoon tea! We hope you like our two favourite foods from food tasting!

We loved Mrs Potts kitchen PE training school! Miss Gilvray got well and truly into role!